Online Courses and Webinars

Get your message over to more people. Perhaps you want to reach out to more people than just one to one consultations.

Let us help you create your own online course.  We’ll source the best Platform (LMS) for hosting it :  with consideration of  cost, managing logon profiles and tracking how your customers are progressing. Leaving you to concentrate on the subject matter!

If you’re interested in engaging your customers with a Webinar and you don’t know which software to go for, let me research what you need (for example :  cost – how often do you hope to use webinars, do you wish to increase client participation with voting buttons, breakout rooms, 2 way communication and costs?) We’ll  prepare a report and suggest the best method for your business .  Let one of our team act as your facilitator and help the actual session run smoothly whilst you concentrate on giving the delivery.

Testimonial from Sarah Sienkiewicz of Clearwater Coach:  ‘I didn’t want to use a complicated LMS system for an online course I was running which had several units.  With Lesley’s advice, we hosted the videos on an independent site, and used a widget to display thumbnails of  groups of the videos which then expanded when the client clicked on the relevant one.  We were able to host this on ‘hidden’ password protected pages of the client’s website.  An easy fix and minimum cost to the client.’