Marketing using video, email promotions & newsletters, managing subscribers, social media set up and management

Video is a powerful tool and can be used to great effect in promoting your business.  However, it can lead to streaming problems and needs to be handled well so that your customers are not frustrated with the time taken for your webpages or blogs to load.

We also create small animated ‘explainer’ videos for your social media sites and website.  Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Email promotions and newletters.  Let us handle your email promotions and newsletters. Remind your customers what you do.  We’re happy to research topics, maintain distribution lists of subscribers and set up accounts with social media for your posts.

Testimonial from Nicola Menage Hypnotherapy :

Lesley arranged to wrap several videos I’d recorded in my brand colours with a minimum of  boring instructional text.  She used video clip symbols to show the client which clip needed to be played next.  Text appeared in sync on the left of the videos so that key points were emphasised meaning customers were engaged as much as possible rather than just watching dry videos.  Click on the Launch button below to see an example.